Business Solutions

Is your business looking for a way to utilize today's technology?  Is the high cost of technology implementation and maintainance holding your company back from going to the next level?  Do you want to stay one step ahead of the competition? 
    The answers to these questions are usually a resounding YES!
R4 Technology Solutions is here to help your Small or Medium sized business reach your true potential without breaking the bank. 
R4 Technology Solutions can provide services at every level of your technology needs.  From Initial planning and implementation, to post sale support and maintainance; we can be your one stop shop for all your IT needs.
    Our approach is to supply you with products and services that will provide the highest level of investment return for you and your business.  We know and understand that its hard to run a business, but its even harder to run a business without the right technology at your disposal.

Key Technology points for Small and Medium Business

        • Network Support / Implementation
        • Desktop Support / Implementation
        • Server Support / Implementation
        • Instant online support and repair services
        • Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity
        • Virtualization
        • Backup and Recovery
        • Data Security
        • Domain Name Deployment
        • Website Deployment and Maintainance
        • Google Apps deployment and integration
        • End user training and instruction

    Residential Solutions

In todays high tech world, technology is everywhere.  From smartphones and iPads to netbooks and desktops. The marketplace is full of technology products designed to bring the digital age to your fingertips.  But with todays technology improving at an exponential rate, how can you keep up with which products and services are right for you?

R4 Technology Solutions can help take the confusion out of todays 
technology and bring you solutions that will bring you years entertainment, productivity, and enjoyment.

Want a wireless network in your home in order to get on the internet? No problem!  Wondering how to get best picture and performance out of your home entertainment system? We have the solution! Need someone to guide you through how to use your computer or programs?  Were here to help!

We can even show you how to turn your new Flat screen TV into a large format computer monitor for your desktop.  Imagine sitting on the couch, surfing the web or writing an email.  Even watching a movie on YouTube or Netflix.

We have the technology solutions to fit your personal needs.

Residential Services

        • Wired and Wireless Network configuration
        • New Computer Setup and Maintainance
        • In home Computer repair and upgrade service
        • Home entertainment setup
        • One-on-One in home or online instruction
        • Instant online support and repair services
        • Configuration of website blocking tools for parents
        • In home technology assessments